CICE ATC - The course evaluation

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Rules and Regulations: -

  • VIVA and Examination by External Examiner.
  • A student Must Appear and Pass with 50 % marks in Theory and Viva Exam. Otherwise he will be considered as failed.
  • The Re-exam fees for absent or failed candidates shall be Rs. 150.00.
  • The difference in the Internal Marks and the External Marks shall not be more than 10 %. If exorbitant internal marks are awarded to students, the Examiner will reduce such marks.

Grading: The Grading of the examination will be as follows: -

Grade Marks Range Remarks
O 100 to 86 Outstanding
A 85 to 66 Excellent
B 65 to 56 Good
C 55 to 50 Fair
Fail 55 to 50 Fail